Most people enjoyed a long weekend of winter fun over the last few days – from sledging at popular spots like Beacon Hill, Cofton Park and Lickey Hills, to making some fantastic snowmen (women/creatures!).

However, it seems some have been having fun at the expense of others.

Craig Llewellyn sent us the photos below of rubbish strewn in Hill Top Park, Northfield – from broken sledges & dinner trays to For Sale signs stolen and used for sledging.

Craig said: “It was very disappointing this morning to see litter strewn all across the park area that links Frankley Beeches Road to Bristol Road.

“Sledgers have abandoned broken and makeshift sledges in the park. This makes it dangerous for children heading up there tonight, it’s an eyesore and someone is going to have to clean up someone else’s mess. It’s really very very disappointing behaviour.”

Lickey Hills Country Park have also had a problem with some 4×4 drivers going as far as smashing down gates to get onto the park for some snowy offroading.

Yesterday rangers tweeted: “Can the nice 4×4 owners who keep smashing through our gates to joy ride across the site please stop otherwise we will involve the police.”

We reported the litter in the park to Northfield Cllr Brett O’Reilly who said: “Although Hill Top Park is actually in Weoley Ward, I have dealt with a number of similar incidents on behalf of residents in Northfield who use the park. Unfortunately it appears to be a recurring problem, which is causing not only a nuisance, but a hazard to children, dogs and wildlife in the park.

“I will ensure that the park is cleaned without delay. I will also ask that a warden is deployed to carry out spot checks, and that anyone found to littering or vandalising the park in this manner, are dealt with to the full extent of the council’s power.

“We all understand that people want to have fun, and these makeshift sledges are an example, but all I ask is that people are considerate and clean up after themselves.

“I would like to thank the B31 team and to residents who regularly report these issues, as it enables me, as a local councillor, to take action in a timely fashion, before anyone is injured”

With more possible snow forecast for tonight and tomorrow, please enjoy the snow (if you can!)- but spare a thought for those left to do the clearing up!

Hill Top Park litter – by Craig Llewellyn – click for larger


  1. who are these 4×4 morons? are they the same imbeciles who drive through local parks and green spaces, along the verges in the local country lanes leaving huge deep muddy ruts and mess??? i think the rangers are too nice take their registrations and report them to the police .these people are a disgrace to all responsible car ownersn and other 4×4 drivers.

  2. It’s a shame there a few 4 x 4 drivers spoiling the reputation of the rest who enjoy responsible and respectful offroading- either at organised events or on legitimate green lanes- with due thought for other road and trail users. There have been many 4 x 4 volunteers in the recent snow ferrying health and emergency workers around and putting our vehicles to good use for our community. I agree that the police should be notified of any motorist breaking the law and spoiling the Lickeys for a few cheap thrills.

  3. I dont understand why the police are not already involved, mind you, you need a jeep to drive across the Lickey Hills car parks they are so rutted.

  4. Great looking at the snowy scene’s in and around south Birmingham, specially the ones of the Licky Hills having spent many hours sledging there over the years. Something we don’t get to do now that we live in Northern Cyprus.


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