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Monday 21st January 2013 – 7.45am – Steve Parry.

With schools closing due to the weather, children and adults may be taking the opportunity to sledge in the winter snow today.


West Midlands Ambulance Service is urging a ‘safety first’ message after a spate of incidents over the weekend.


On Saturday, the Midlands Air Ambulance was called to a sledging incident on Bredon Hill. Ambulance crews also had to make their way on hands and knees up a steep slope in Walsall to a man who had fallen from a sledge and injured his back.


On Sunday the ambulance service was called to a series of incidents across the region:


  • An 8 –year old child was treated for a back injury and taken to Worcester Hospital after falling from a sledge near the Midlands Hotel, Malvern.
  • A man in his thirties suffered an ankle injury after falling from a sledge in Midland Road, Nuneaton and was taken to George Elliot Hospital.
  • Likewise, a man in his twenties suffered an ankle injury near Priors Hardwick, Southam and was taken to Warwick Hospital.
  • A teenager male on a sledge collided with a tree in Mary Stevens Park, Stourbridge and was taken by ambulance to Russells Hall Hospital.
  • A 12-year old child was injured in a sledging accident in Red House Park, Great Barr.
  • In Dawley, Telford, a teenager received a back injury after his sledge struck a scaffolding pole protruding from the snow. The patient was taken to Royal Shrewsbury Hospital.

 A spokesperson for West Midlands Ambulance Service said:” WMAS is reiterating its safety advice to those thinking of taking to the slopes this week.


Every winter WMAS is called to people who have become injured whilst sledging. We would encourage people to just take a second to think about where they are sledging and to have fun safely.”


WMAS continues to see a large increase in people injured as result of slips and falls. Sunday saw 999 call demand increase across the region, most notably in Birmingham (17%) Coventry and Warwickshire (14%) and Staffordshire with a 16% increase.


With the cold weather conditions continuing, WMAS is urging the public to take extra care if you are going out today.  







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