Many, many thanks for every retweet, Facebook share and every morsel of shared information which helped us all survive (!) as snowy weather closed in on Friday!

As the snow started to settle during Friday morning rush hour, Birmingham City Council’s weather disruption site had a tantrum and Free Radio’s school closure page collapsed.

While the council tweeted out school closures on @BCCDisruption and Free Radio’s Foxy and Giuliano fed updates via their Facebook page, the readers, followers and contributors of B31 Voices once again came together to keep each other informed. While we checked and shared official information, users shared updates on schools, snow, roads, accidents, buses, trains, snow photos and more using the twitter hashtag #B31SnowWatch and on our Facebook page.

Dave Harte is a Senior Lecturer in Media and Communications at Birmingham City University and also is part of the Bournville News team. He wrote a post about how the citizens of South Birmingham shared information on Friday.

He wrote: “[…] if you stand back from the key coordinating role that Sas and Marty played in this then perhaps more impressive is the contribution of the citizens of south Birmingham. #B31Snowwatch is an exemplar of networked communications innovation and its contributors should lauded for the ways in which they kept south Birmingham moving and communicating in an emergency (well, as much of an ‘emergency’ as a bit of snow is).”

This is really pleasing to us, as we have always intended that B31 Voices should be about engaging both ways with the community, improving communication and giving local people a place to share their information and opinions. (Incidentally, we still got a lot of our information yesterday from BCC and Free Radio, despite their unfortunate website issues! It’s all about the sharing!)

So, thank you. And as we tweeted last night: “YOU are @B31Voices!”

Relive the #B31SnowWatch 

Some pretty statistics….




Note: FB is the hashtag we use to crosspost to our facebook page – you can ignore that one!


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