[UPDATE] The driver had to be cut free from the vehicle by West Midlands Fire Service and was taken to the QE Hospital with lower leg and rib injuries. For more details, including a video report, visit the Birmingham Mail website

Image by Ross McLean
Image by Ross MacLean

The Fairway was closed off by police this morning following an accident in which a small road sweeping vehicle overturned, resting over a footpath and into a front garden.

B31 Voices first heard of the incident just after 9am when Laura Hamilton tweeted:

“@B31Voices one lane of the fairway blocked by a police car near st thomas aquinus. And an ambo a bit further down wychall lane.”

A few minutes later, Ross MacLean tweeted:

“@B31Voices there’s an overturned road sweeper. That’s why its closed.”

Ross emailed a picture of the scene. Police, fire and ambulance were in attendance but we have received no updates as yet.

We hope no-one was hurt! Will update when new information becomes available.


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