With icy conditions throughout the area today, schools have made the best provision they can to keep their pupils and parents / guardians safe.

Parent Helen Astley has sent us these thoughts, after hearing that some parents had complained about conditions at Colmers Junior School today. Staff allowed parents to use a shorter route in and out of the school and collect children from classrooms after school. Share your thoughts below.

Can I just say I was very impressed with the effort Colmers Junior school made to get the children in safely today.

I was sad that some people felt that the school should also have gritted the ramp that leads to Morrisons. I myself use this ramp and it was pretty bad this morning, as was most of my journey on local footpaths; however I do not expect the school to lay a gritted path for me, I use common sense and look after my own childrens safety.

For future reference the school are not responsible for the ramp and Morrisons have been kind enough to allow us to have a gate there. Please instead of complaining that the school is open in bad weather, just take extra care of you and your own children and we will all stay in one piece.

We cannot come to a complete stop every time there is a flake of snow or ice on the floor.


  1. I was very impressed with Mr Maxted today. His primary concern was the safety and well being of the pupils, parents and staff. He was outside before and after school, working hard to either clear ice and snow, or to ensure people were safe. Before we had the Morrison’s route and it snowed neither the pathway through the school nor the drive were gritted and were lethal. Yesterday we had clear pathways to both schools through the playgrounds. There will always be people who have to complain about something, rather an appreciating the efforts of others


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