Asda in Bromsgrove | by Daniel Willis

With heavy snow forecast overnight and tomorrow, supermarkets shelves were stripped as locals stocked up on essentials.

Stores were busy throughout the day and by the evening there apparently wasn’t a loaf of bread to be found in the Rednal and Rubery area!

Shops were out of bread, milk and potatoes. Comments on Twitter and Facebook condemned panic buying, while others understood people buying in a bit extra to prepare for the snowy weekend ahead.

Craig Llewellyn was asked to “pop out for some milk and bread” not knowing what a task it would prove to be! He found empty shelves in Rubery Morrisons, Rubery Co-op, Northfield Sainsburys and local convenience stores and says he could not park at Egghill Tesco it was so busy. He returned home breadless, but said it was not a problem and was not in a panic, confident that shelves will be restocked tomorrow.

Followers on Facebook and twitter also posted photos of empty bread shelves in Bromsgrove Asda and Maypole Sainsburys. However, B14 News told us that Sainsburys at Maypole is now restocked ready for tomorrow.

One twitter follower lightheartedly thanked panic buyers for boosting supermarket staff’s bonuses!

And one other twitter follower in particular was keen to encourage panic buying – Dennings DIY of Bristol Road, opposite Kalamazoo, cordially invite readers to panic buy their sledges, snow scoops and rock salt tomorrow!

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Pictures from Craig Llewellyn‘s Big Bread Hunt!


  1. LOL how sad are some people!

    We’ve not had a decent amount of snow since winter 1990-1991 and that was nothing like twice in the 80s and twice in the 70s.

    Now we get a light dusting of snow and panic and poor driving.


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