[UPDATE 3.45pm Thursday 24th Jan]

Tiny was found in Northfield last night and taken in, safe and warm. The finder will be delivering him home to his owner later!

Thanks to all the people who identified Pete and Tiny, all who helped check that Pete was okay and all who helped reunite finder with owner!

We’ve said it before but we’ll say it again… you’re all amazing! A great sense of community was shown on our Facebook page last night and today! <3


MISSING mainly white 3 legged Jack Russell named “Tiny”

Wearing collar / harness.

Last seen Daffodil Park, Longbridge/Northfield last night.

There was some concern that something had happened to his elderly owner but his family were notified via B31 Voices facebook followers. They have checked on him and he’s fine, just very worried about Tiny.

Hope we can get them back together.

Please let us know if you see or catch Tiny – any sightings quickly reported will help others know where to look.



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