[UPDATE ] After being suspended due to bad weather, FoWHP  are determined that they will begin this Saturday 16th February! 

For more info: Darren  0771 2573199 or Darren@inandoutfitness.co.uk OR Leanne (FOWHP) 0781 4394149 or leanne@friendsofthepark.co.uk


From Leanne Youngson:

Army Days: Boots
Image by Gary Jungling on Flickr

The Friends of Walkers Heath Park are very excited that weekly Family Boot Camps are starting on Saturday 26th January 2013 at Walkers Heath Park.

Sessions are at 10am, 11am and 12 noon. In and Out Fitness, in conjunction with Fields in Trust (they protect playing fields) are bringing these boot camps. Any donations raised will go directly to the work of the charity.


In and Out Fitness are running the sessions and I asked them to give us some information about what to expect:

  • First thing to note is that sessions are INCLUSIVE. Participants are ‘competing against themselves’, so whether you are 14, 21,41 or 65 you can join in the same sessions. So the only pressure you will be under is the business of ‘enjoying’ what you are doing!
  •  A session will cover ab work (crunches, etc), press-ups (variety of), running/sprint intervals, boxing pad work, bench/box jumps, burpees, just to name a few!
  •  They also offer alternatives to the exercises to allow for the different spectrum of ability (e.g. press-ups on knees vs. full press-up), as well as if people are unable to perform a certain exercise, due to a ability. For example, they will be given an alternative exercise, similar to what the others are doing, that you will able to perform comfortably
  •  The children’s sessions are less formal with the exercise taking the form of games, chasing the ball, relays, tag and anything that keeps them focused and interested! Parents can join the children if they wish..in fact, the children enjoy this, especially when doing wheel barrow races! Plus, they like to show their parents what they can do!
  •  No set cost – donations only – goes to the charity Fields in Trust which protect playing fields – like Walkers Heath Park – from ever being built on keeping them safe for future generation’s use. Bonus!



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