Reader Fay sent us the photo of what she thinks is a stray dog she has been seeing regularly around Hollymoor Estate, Northfield.

It picks from rubbish bags and Fay says it looks hungry.

It’s very nervous and wont let her get close to it. None of her neighbours know who it belongs to. The dog warden has been called three times but has been unable to find him.

He’s wearing a collar and is medium sized and a golden colour.

If you recognise him from the photo below, let us know! Fay is going to try and get a better photo if she can.




  1. Looks like a goldie or a Toller, please contact the lady who has contacted you about him or me. If it is a Toller or a goldie breed rescue will almost certainly take him in. If it is a gundog, smelly food treats will entice it to you

  2. Saw this dog again at 2pm in Raven hays….trotted off towards Egghill direction. I had a drive round with some food and a lead, but didnt spot him again. I’ve let the dog warden know.

  3. If you see this dog please call the name Tank, it might be a dog stolen from east anglia, if it responds please try and catch…thxs

  4. If you see this dog again please call Tank, it could be a dog stolen with a van from east anglia, if it responds please try and catch..thxs


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