Austin Rodriguez works with Lewis O'Rourk at the first Kings Norton SMS | Image by
Austin Rodriguez works with Lewis O’Rourk at the first Kings Norton SMS | Image by

Last month we were lucky enough to attend the first Kings Norton Social Media Surgery (SMS), organised by Austin Rodriguez of Birmingham South Community Safety Partnerships and Podnosh 

There are two more surgeries coming up soon and we’d love to see you there!

Nick Booth of Podnosh established the website – a tool which allows groups, organisations and individuals to come together to give and receive advice on using social media. The value of the site was recognised by the Prime minister last year, when it received a Big Society Award.

So who should go to social media surgeries? Who can benefit?

It’s a great event for community groups, charities, public sector organisations and more to come together. Do you need help with developing a web presence but don’t have lots of funds to pay for a web developer?

Volunteers offer advice ranging from what social media is, to how to engage with your community on services such as twitter and facebook, to setting up and running your own free blog site. Most people are surprised to find out how simple it is to start engaging online!

If you think you can offer advice, you can also register as a helper.

As Nick points out in his summary of the last Kings Norton event, social media surgeries are not just a place for technical knowledge – they’re a place where people in a community can come together and build relationships, share ideas and work together: “Social media surgeries are about much more than technical skills – they are about confidence and relationships and building trust to make things better.”

Social media surgeries are free – just register your intention to attend – to receive advice or to give it!

Kings Norton SMS Wednesday 30th January and Wednesday 27th February 11am-12.30pm at the 3 Estates Youth Project, Hawkesley, Kings Norton. More details



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