Remember #runningcollie?! This dog was running around the Northfield, Longbridge and Rednal area for at least a couple of weeks, originally wearing a collar and lead which he managed to shake after some time!

We originally wrote about him on November 27th

#runningcollie was caught by a lady in West Heath on the 29th but unfortunately escaped again! The following morning, B31 Voices were called when B31 Voices reader Sarah Gee and a PC cornered the dog outside Longbridge Police Station. Unfortunately, the dog bolted again when they tried to get it in to the Police Van!

Later that day an anonymous text told us that the dog had been caught and taken in to a lady’s home. We’ve never been able to confirm this but there’s been no confirmed sightings of the dog since then!

Last night we received an anonymous update on #runningcollie!

We’re told he was suffering from diarrhoea when he was taken in but that has now cleared up and he is fit and well. He has settled into his new home with a new owner and a canine companion and has not tried to run away again.

We’re still getting phone calls, texts, emails, tweets and facebook messages about this dog – he touched everyone’s hearts and so many in the community were watching out for him or out actively looking for him.

On behalf of #runningcollie, thank you to anyone who looked for him, tried to catch him, spread the word about him, or spotted him and helped us track him during his epic Forrest Gump style adventure!

Special thanks should go to Donna and Lyn of Animal House Rescue who spent many, many hours out looking for him, based on sightings you shared with us – the Animal House volunteers do a fantastic job and are very dedicated to the animals they care for.

In honour of #runningcollie, we ask that you consider making a donation to support their work.

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  1. Well I just hope that the dogs owner isn’t going frantic somewhere :-/ He is someone else’ legal property after all!
    The law states that they have to be reported to the dog warden.

  2. The owner had ample opportunity to look for the dog and enquire with the appropriate departments but obviously didnt. If they cared they would have tried harder to find him and he wouldnt have got into the state he did. I am just thankful that someone who genuinely cares has taken him into her home, has nursed him back to health and will give him a new life with the love and care he deserves. Surely thats the most important thing.

  3. Hi there,

    I know this is an old post but I only just found it.

    Dash (as he is now called, quite appropriately we feel!) is now living with us and has been since November 30th.
    He was not microchipped, and we searched every possible Lost Pet site but there was no record of him anywhere, and so we decided to take him into the fold. He and Emily, his companion, are extremely happy and have many regular walks through farmland and fields, and he is a lot healthier than he was when he came to us.

    So just to let anyone who still wonders know that he is safe and sound and a very happy dog!

    • Thanks for the update! Glad he’s doing well :D He certainly was famous in these parts for some time so if anyone was looking for him they would have heard of #runningcollie ! x

    • Hi, Didn’t know how to post a photo but have changed my profile pic to one of Dash and Emily – hope it works!

      Just wanted to say that when I took Dash in (he was following Emily and I home) I did everything I could to find his legal owner.
      I took him up to Ray Dedicoat of Hollytrees Animal Rescue Trust and had him checked for a microchip. He didn’t have one!! Ray had heard of him and indeed had also been out to try and catch him!. I posted several photos of him on Dogs Lost UK, and I walked him round the area that I found him in – by the River Rea in Longbridge. I took him to the vets and had an eye infection treated, treated his sore paws, and fed him gradually as he was extremely thin and starving.
      After two months and no news from a previous owner I have had him neutered and chipped and hopefully if the photo loads, you can see he is now the picture of healthand happiness.


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