Inspector Eyles

In a first for the West Midlands, this Thursday we will host a live Question and Answer session with Northfield Inspector Vanessa Eyles jointly with West Midlands Police. 

Worried about anti-social behaviour? Want to know what officers are doing to reduce crime near you? Want to speak to somebody about local concerns?

Inspector Eyles will be available between 5pm and 6.30pm to answer of your questions about policing and issues in the Northfield constituency.

Northfield constituency consists of four wards: Kings Norton, Longbridge, Northfield and Weoley. If you live in any of these areas and have questions you would like to ask the Inspector, simply visit this page on Thursday 13th December between 5-6.30pm and submit your questions.

If you can’t watch the chat live, leave your questions in the comments section at the bottom of this page and we will present them during the session. You don’t need to register or sign up, and you can also remain anonymous if you wish!

The webchat will be visible below and will go live shortly before 5pm on Thursday. We hope you can join us!


  1. Having recently moved to Kings Norton, I have been pleasantly suprised by the friendly community officers. Will this work carry on next year? Thankyou. Marcus.

    • Hi Marcus. answer to your question from Inspector Vanessa Eyles . Thank you for the feedback. I saw the Kings Norton PCSOs only today. They are a great bunch and I will pass on your message. There are no plans whatsoever for the work of our PCSOs to stop. Thank you

  2. I have lived in Northfield all my life (I am 68 years old) but feel in recent years that criminals and kids are spoiling the area.

    I do not go out after dark without my grandson for fear of hooded men and wen drinking in the street.

    I also worry about my grandson as crime seems to be getting worse with people being stabbed that you hear on the news.

    When will police take action against these people? Thank you.

    Also, my grandson is helping me write this. Will i be able to see if there is a reply?

    Yours sincerely

    Charlotte Jones

    • Hi Charlotte. answer to your question from Inspector Vanessa Eyles. I am really sorry that you and your Grandson feel like this. Thankfully, incidents in which people are stabbed are VERY rare across the whole of Birmingham.

      People’s fear of crime in the Northfield constituency doesn’t necessarily reflect reality, and crime levels are falling. Total crime in the Northfield constituency is down by almost a quarter compared to 18 months ago.

      There are lots and lots of good things that happen around Northfield, including our Safe Haven teams, which sometimes don’t gain as much publicity as the bad things that happen on a much rarer basis.

  3. Could Inspector Eyles tell us what is being done to curb dangerous driving? Many roads are extremely difficult to cross due to cars driving far too fast. I see many people driving while using mobile phones every day, but I’ve never seen anyone pulled over for it, nor do I see speeding cars stopped. Also, many roads are extremely difficult to negotiate with a pushchair due to cars being parked all over the pavements, blocking dropped kerbs (where there are any) and forcing pedestrians to cross where there is a bad view of the road. Could the police enforce the law on these things?

    • You beat me to it Joe Peacock…cars are parked all over the pavements. It might be the council who deal with them but why are the police not chasing up the problem…its still breaking the law. I nearly got run over outside the Subway shop in Northfield by a car who mounted the pavement and went in for their tea…a police car just went straight past…why.
      What is happening about drugs in Northfield and the surrounding areas…the who place stinks of dope.

    • Hi Joe. answer to your question from Inspector Vanessa Eyles. Hello. If you would like to furnish us with details of where this regularly happens by calling us on 101, my neighbourhood team will work with our Force Traffic department to reduce speeding and mobile phone usage.

      This can be done through various operation tactics including community speedwatch and drink driving campaigns.

      We are running a drink driving campaign across the constituency on the build up to Christmas.

      In relation to cars blocking pavements and drop kerbs, as somebody who used to push a pushchair, I feel for the public and if these matters are reported we will take action accordingly. Thank you.

  4. Hi, I have lived in Northfield for the 3 years. My girlfriend was recently robbed and assaulted 300 yards from the local police station. 5 minutes after the crime occurred, we rang the station bell and explained what happened to the officer inside. We were then transferred to a station in wolverhampton and again reported the crime. After being made to wait outside for 20 minutes, the officer finally let us into the building. We waited a further 30 minutes for a different officer to take a witness statement. After all of this we were told it was too late as they had probably got away. 6 months later, we are yet to hear from anyone. How can you improve on this service?


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