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From Leanne Youngson, Friends of Walkers Heath Park:

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS FOOTBALL OPPORTUNITY BEING BROUGHT TO WALKERS HEATH PARK – USE IT OR LOSE IT! Young people (males 16-30 years) just simply turn up on Wednesday 5th December. You will then be registered onto the programme. The leader
of the programme, Lewis, can be contacted on 07867 469873.

Walkers Heath Park Football Programme (for 16-30 yr old males) starts Wednesday 5th December – 1300 – 1500 hrs at Walkers Heath Park. The programme is designed for young males aged between 16-30 yrs. It will provide 3 young people with the opportunity to acquire level 1 coaching badges (costs £180 per course). Following on from this, 2 young people will be employed as sports coaches. PLEASE SHARE THIS EXCITING NEWS!

Once, this programme has been launched, Lewis will be looking at other potential opportunities as he has access to a wide range of sporting coaches (both male and female) who can deliver programmes.



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