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We all learnt in school that trees are important. They breathe in what we breathe out. In the age of climate change, trees are increasingly important for this ability to absorb carbon dioxide.

Northfield Ecocentre planted more than 500 trees last week for National Tree Week, as part  of the Northfield’s Orchards project. Ecocentre volunteers and staff are  working with Friends of Manor Farm Park, Victoria School and other community groups to plant fruit trees and broadleaf whips.

Project Manager, Luke Pearson said: “Trees bring enormous benefits to the community. They provide habitat for wildlife, increase biodiversity, and reduce carbon emissions. We are planting apple, pear, plum and cherry trees so community groups can enjoy locally grown fruit which helps to reduce food miles. “With ash dieback disease threatening a large portion of England’s ‘green and pleasant lands’, ‘National Tree Week’ is of particular significance this year.”

Daniel Bryson-Peart, Secretary of the Friends of Manor Farm Park explained the benefits of their community orchard: “We think because it’s a community orchard it will help bring the community together. It will help keep vandalism down by getting people involved with the park. The orchard will provide somewhere for local people to come and get free fruit. Nothing will get wasted. The stuff that isn’t collected will be used in other ways. We hope it will be a major success.”

Northfield Ecocentre is offering a fantastic Christmas gift this year; sponsoring a tree. Luke Pearson explains: “For a donation starting at £10 you can adopt a tree in one of our community orchards. We will send you a pack with the type and location of your tree and a certificate to display. It’s a great gift that keeps on giving, benefiting the community and the environment.”

Orchards have been planted throughout 2012 in locations including: Allens Cross Community Centre, St Bartholomew’s Church, Cofton Park, Victoria Common, Turves Green Boys School, Kings Norton Nature Reserve, The Black Horse Pub, Victoria Common, St Laurence Junior School, Ley Hill, Oddingely Hall, Woodgate Valley Country Park and Manor Farm Park. 

Northfield Ecocentre are still looking for other sites for community orchards so if you are ac community group in Northfield get in touch with them.

Click here to sponsor a Northfield Orchard tree – a great alternative Christmas gift!


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