UPDATE 30/11/12 2pm

A lady has contacted us to say she thinks this dog has been found.

She said a man captured in Longbridge this morning and a woman took it and said she was going to keep it in case it was mistreated.

So, please keep an eye out just in case but it seems #runningcollie has been cornered.

If you have the dog or know who has, we urge you to contact Animal House Rescue on 0121 475 8729 The dog may need some medical attention – it had been on the run for at least a week so could be in quite a state. Please also bear in mind that it is a legal requirement to report a found dog.

MANY THANKS to Animal House Rescue for being so determined to find this dog and working so hard to do so! And thanks to all our readers who have helped to spread the word and looked for the dog.

We will let you know if there are any other developments. Just wish we could bring you a more conclusive ending to the tale of #runningcollie……


UPDATE 3011/12 am

Last known sighting: Hawkesley Mill Lane, toward ford Friday 31/11/12 am

A lady reported below that she thought she had captured the dog yesterday but, unfortunately, it bolted again.

Again this morning, Friday, ‘Running Collie‘ (#runningcollie) was captured by Sarah Gee on Bristol Road South outside Longbridge Police Station and Kalamazoo. PC Gemma Greaves tried to help Sarah get him in her van so I could collect the dog while waiting for Animal House to arrive but, unfortunately, he managed to give them the slip and run off again!

Just to note, he has managed to lose his collar and lead at some point.

We’re updating Animal House Rescue with your sightings – they’ve been trying to track the dog for a few days now but have so far been unable to intercept it. They’re experienced in tracking dogs on the run and have a plan to map out the sightings in an effort to identify a pattern.

Volunteer Donna Laundon told us: “These dogs set up a route they follow more or less the same time every day.”

The ladies who caught the dog earlier this morning report that he was quite friendly and obedient until spooked. Donna suggests that if you spot the dog anywhere, be aware that your capture attempt may risk scaring it more. “The more people grabbing at it, the more it will stay away from where people are.”

So, the priority is identifying the areas that Running Collie hits at certain parts of the day so that volunteers can try and intercept it.

As Donna says, Running Collie is “more elusive than the Scarlet Pimpernel!” and Facebook followers have likened him to Forrest Gump!

Let us know of any sightings – contact us with a location and a time. Lots of you are looking out for this dog – Thank you all, you are brilliant!


Original post:


Please keep an eye out for a lost dog running with lead attached in Rednal, Longbridge, Frankley, Rubery, Northfield areas.

This dog was first reported sighted running from Victoria Common on Friday. It’s since been spotted several times running. Still with lead attached. It will not let people capture it.

Latest sighting 9.50am by Longbridge Health Centre / Morrisons, Rednal by me. Dog ran before I could get out of car.

new sighting: The Roundabout at about 11am

It’s a black medium sized dog with some lighter markings (paws etc). Looks like a collie? Predominantly black in colour. Looks terrified & bedraggled. Black lead attached.

Dog warden has been informed and is being sent to seek the dog but any sighting updates will help.

If you spot it and fail to capture it please let us know or call dog warden on 01213039900

If anyone manages to get a photo let us know


  1. I saw a collie type dog running along Pamela Road, B31 on friday pm – it had been seen by st laurence school on friday am – poor thing – tried to coax it but it was terrified – had a black strap hanging round its neck :(

  2. Found border collie cross (female) on Redditch Road by The Man on the Moon roundabout on Friday AM. Now at Birmingham Dogs Home. No-one has claimed her yet.

    • Thanks Jade. I’ll pass this info to Animal House Rescue who were looking for it yesterday (stars!). It could be anywhere now… :/

  3. I think I have caught the dog, while taking my dog a walk. He didnt have his collar or lead, but manaed to get my dogs lead on him. Got him home, and have phoned the dog wardens….they cant pick up until tomorrow ! Hope the owner is monitoring this website…..leave a message if you are please :)

  4. Sam, sorry to say that when i open the porch door to go out, the dog made a run for it :( … I went and looked again for him , but he was no where to be seen. The only thing is that he can to me quite quickly initally, so hopefully someone else will be able to catch him ….. :(

  5. Is there anyone else we can get involved to help catch the dog? It’s concerning that he has been running for a week now and has had no proper food, and it’s freezing outside?x

    • I know, Dolly, poor creature :(

      We initially reported this lost dog to to the dog warden (on Monday – others may have informed them at other times). There are not many dog wardens for the whole city and they haven’t been able to catch him yet.

      We have been passing on all sightings to Animal House Rescue who have responded by sending volunteers out to search for the dog. The trouble is this dog just seems to keep running and is covering quite a lot of ground! Animal House have also been unsuccessful so far but they are experienced in tracking dogs on the run and they have a plan! We’ll be posting about it later so please watch out for updates :)

      Otherwise, the key is that if anyone spots him, we share where and when asap so that Animal House stand a better chance of catching up with him

      Thanks to all who have been keeping an eye out and spreading the word! I know that several of you have actually been out looking. We have some amazing readers :)

    • There’s been a couple more reported sightings in areas it’s been known to frequent since we were told it had been caught and taken to someone’s home. So we’re not really sure whether its still out there or not!

      Please still keep an eye out, everyone, and let us know if you think you see #runningcollie!


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