A joint police operation on the streets of Longbridge yesterday saw officers from Longbridge Neighbourhood Team, West Midlands Police’s Safer Travel team and British Transport Police come together.

The operation covered the redevelopment area around Bournville College, The Factory youth centre, Longbridge train station and the Innovation Centre.

Over thirty fare dodgers were handed fixed penalty notices on the bus routes 49 and 63. Passive drugs dogs led officers to search several people and one man on the 63 bus was handed an £80 fixed penalty notice for possession of cannabis. No weapons were recovered and there were no arrests.

Longbridge Acting Sergeant Karl Pierpoint said: “This is a really reassuring message that Longbridge ward is a safe place to visit and live in. The [recent stabbing] incident at the college was a one off and we cannot let these incidents damage the reputation of this area, the college,town centre or our community.

“I am pleased that the neighbourhood team and our partners sent out a strong message for all using this area that we welcome all but will not tolerate criminal or anti social behaviour.”



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