Slow Down!
image by Jerzy Kociatkiewicz on Flickr

We’ve had word from Councillor Brett O’Reilly that Northfield councillors are moving a speed visor from Great Stone Road to the accident blackspot on Longbridge Lane. 

The speed visor collects data on traffic using the road and the speed at which vehicles travel. It will be installed on the stretch of Longbridge Lane close to Forrell Grove where there have been a number of accidents this year.

The road was closed for several days following two accidents on the same day in September until resurfacing works could be carried out.

Local residents, councillors and others are currently working together to look at any remaining problems and find safety solutions.

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  1. Cars do speed down this road, especially coming from the A441. It’s a strange road, just something unnerving about it. Maybe it’s the differing camber and the inclination combined added to the speeding.


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