From West Midlands Police:

FOUR Birmingham men have been arrested on suspicion of stealing a car from a Weoley Castle driveway after apparently ‘fishing’ the keys through the letterbox.

The Honda was reported stolen last night (Oct 5) from an address in Presthope Road but then picked up on Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras just before midnight near Worcester.

Officers tracked the vehicle and arrested the driver, a 19-year-old Northfield man, along with men aged 27 and 23 from Selly Oak and another male passenger aged 21 from Rubery.

All four are in police custody in Worcester and are being questioned by detectives about the theft.

Birmingham South Police Inspector Neil Ogden, said: “The owner did the right thing in reporting it stolen straight away that meant we could monitor any movement of the vehicle on the network of ANPR cameras across the Midlands and beyond.

“The keys had been stolen from the victim’s property but there was no sign of forced entry it’s believed they were ‘fished’ through the letter box using some kind of implement.

“We’d always encourage residents not to leave house keys in the lock or car keys or other valuables on display through glass door panels or windows.”


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