One of our facebook users has pointed out that we’ve recently had quite a few lost and found pets posted on B31 Voices.

We are more than happy for you to post your lost and found pets on our Facebook page, for us to retweet on twitter and, if you would like, have them posted on in order to spread the word further still. Earlier this week, a found dog was posted on our facebook page and our facebook followers soon put the finder in contact with the dog’s owners and Poppy was happily returned home.

Do carrying on using us to help publicise your missing and found animals, but we thought it might be useful to post some contacts here for others you should contact if you have lost or found a pet:

  • Birmingham Animal Hospital – RSPCA (All animals) Tel. 0300 123 0710
  • Birmingham City Council Dog Warden (Dogs only) – report missing, lost and stray dogs online
  • Birmingham Dogs’ Home (Dogs only) – all dogs collected by the dog warden are taken here, unless injured Tel. 0121 643 5211
  • K9 Search UK (Dogs only) – West Midlands lost and found dogs register Tel. 07988 433187
  • (Dogs only) – National database for lost and found dogs Tel. 0844 800 3220
  • Police – if you think your pet has been stolen, contact your local police Tel. 101

If you have found a lost animal, please take it to a vet or to the RSPCA to check if it is microchipped.


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