Longbridge Lane is currently closed following a two car collision, the second one to happen in the accident hot spot this afternoon.

An hour earlier, a car span and the occupants got out without apparent injury.

Just after 5pm, 2 cars collided on Longbridge Lane between Groveley Lane and Alvechurch road. The road is currently closed.

Local residents have been highlighting the high incidence of accidents on this stretch of road for some time.

On 11th June the road was closed following a serious accident involving two cars. On that occassion, a 24-year-old man was taken to hospital after sustaining potential life threatening injuries. A 35-year-old woman was treated at hospital for bruising and three other passengers from her vehicle, including two children aged under 10, were treated for minor injuries at the scene.

The road was also closed for several hours during the evening of May 4th following an accident and a few weeks prior to that a car ploughed through the hedgerow into the adjacent field.

On the afternoon of August 18th a woman in her 30s was treated in hospital for a head injury when her car slid on an oil spill.

Following this incident, Cllr Brett O’Reilly, who had been looking in to the issue, informed us that, following the June accident, he raised the issue with the relevant officers at Birmingham City Council and that he is awaiting their feedback.

We’ll provide updates when we can.

UPDATE 8.30pm Resident Julie Merrick Hancock told us via our Facebook page: “Theres still 2 cars there,  barriers are still there, a couple of cars come through every so often, have heard that police have closed road as there is too much oil on it and Amey have been to assess it also,but its all quiet out now, its like so empty its just not normal”

Julie also told us that a meeting will take place in Forrell Grove between residents and representatives from West Midlands Police and Birmingham City Council on Tuesday morning.


  1. could it be anything to do with idiots driving too fast for the road ? do people realise it’s 30mph.. I nearly had a head on up by Alvechurch rd because some dick came into my lane on the bend.

    I live on Longbridge Lane near the roundabout by the BP, there is an accident on that roundabout almost every week, some times two or three a week, usually minor, but there is a problem thats needs addressing.

    There is also a problem with the 45 using Cofton road which is not wide enough near the roundabout, a bus almost forced me off the road the other day, causing me to scrape my wheels on the curb.

    • I think you need to engage your brain before typing. My wife was in an accident in august on that road and she is not an idiot. All the witnesses said she was only doing about 20mph. So please think before you start calling people names.

  2. Andy, your right, didn’t mean any offence, accidents are accidents and they happen, hope your wife is ok.

    Still, inappropriate speed for the road/conditions is the cause of most accidents, some 30mph signs (to start with) wouldn’t go amiss.

  3. I can see the location of where it’s happened from my flat, I was driving that way on my way to work yesterday morning. I approached the roundabout, nothing was coming from the right so I carried on and someone nearly ploughed into my left side because the stupid woman didn’t know how to use a roundabout (give way to the right).

    So don’t just jump on the governments band waggon by blaming every little misshap on going slightly over the limit


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