“Fudge” | Image by Lizzie Darlow

From Lizzie Darlow on Facebook:

Border Terrier found in Edenhurst Road, Longbridge on Saturday 1st September. We have named him Fudge and he answers to this.

He is Cute and cuddly, only likes to eat bacon and chicken and is fabulous around people and especially children.

He has been checked at Barnes Hill RSPCA and Bournville Police to see if he has been chipped which he hasn’t, also found with no collar or tag.

We really think he is missing from someone’s home as he is too placid to be a stray dog.

If you know of anyone who has lost a dog please ask them to get in touch with myself or Stewie-Stewy Bear Darlow

Please inbox for telephone number.

Many thanks

If you’re not on Facebook, contact us and we will put you in touch with Lizzie.