Stacey McLean, who lives on the Hollymoor estate, contacted us with an idea she has for a local dog walking group.

Stacey said: ” I have a small dog and meet dog walkers in the mornings, my pup loves the interaction and as getting another dog is an expensive option I was thinking of maybe starting a weekly dog walking group.

“My idea is to meet in a local place, maybe the Waseleys, on a Saturday or Sunday morning and do an hour or so walk together.

“It could benefit a lot of people – meet local people, get some exercise and the dogs get to interact.”

Stacey is happy to organise such a group. If you’re interested in joining in, please email her at


  1. Hi yes I would be interested, I have a 4 year old cocker spaniel and live in kings norton. Have you had much interest ?

  2. Hello
    Yes I’d be interested, I have a 4 month old jack Russell and chihuahua cross. I live in Bromsgrove and free weekend mornings.


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