Here’s the first of our monthly contributions from Northfield Ecocentre. This from Assistant Ecocentre Manager Luke Olley:

Over the last few years we’ve seen Solar PhotoVoltaic panels (the ones that generate electricity) go from near complete obscurity to an everyday sight. Being a bit of a greeney (okay more than a bit) I used to get very excited every time I saw these panels on someone’s house but now it seems they’re everywhere, which to be honest excites me even more! The reason for this explosion has been a government initiative called the Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) which pays people for every kilowatt hour of electricity they produce making these panels quite a lucrative investment for people with savings sitting in low-interest bank accounts.
This scheme has however been a bit of a victim of its own success as so many people have taken up the scheme the government has had to reduce the amount it pays earlier then expected, you may remember seeing this in the news earlier this year. All this has now blown over somewhat and as the dust settles it appears there is life still left in solar PV panels. The rate the government pays for the FiT is now reducing year on year and will again reduce to 16p per kWh come the 1st August, but they’re doing it for good reason as the price of solar panels has dramatically decreased so there is still good returns on investment if you can get a good price. For a full run down of costs visit our web site and our solar panel fact sheets.
If you’re interested in having solar panels or any other home energy improvement then please get in touch with Northfield Ecocentre as we provide a comprehensive service from assessment, finance, project management and installation. You can also come in and see all of our energy saving features, including our solar PV and thermal panels.


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