Longbridge Police have taken action in relation to the mini-motos being ridden around Frankley pedestrian areas. The problem was identified as a community policing priority at one of the monthly neighbourhood tasking meetings where police, councillors, housing officials and residents come together to discuss local issues.

In an effort to prevent further disturbance from two of the mini-moto riders, PCSO Lune and PCSO Gittins issued two local Frankley males with section 59 warnings. If either the rider or vehicle is found causing Anti Social Behaviour or annoyance to the community within the next 12 months then police can seize the vehicle – whether it is original vehicle they were caught on or not. If they are tenants of either the local council or social housing, this action could also affect their tenancy.

Acting Sergeant Karl Pierpoint stressed the importance of information given by members of the public, saying: “This info was received due to support from our local community which shows how valuable they are and how they can influence how we deliver local policing for them.”


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