A Kings Norton head teacher and school co-ordinator have both been rewarded for their hard work and dedication in reducing anti-social behaviour across the ward.

Jim Foley, head teacher of St Thomas Aquinas Catholic School, will receive a Good Citizens Award at a special awards ceremony on Wednesday 11 July. Mr Foley will receive his award due to his role in setting up and creating the Northfield constituency head teachers forum. This forum sees head teachers from across the constituency sharing effective intervention tactics to both reduce anti-social behaviour and prevent re-offending. To date, this group has directly worked with 160 young people, leading to a 19% reduction in youth related anti-social behaviour since April 2010.

Hollie Parrish, an extended schools co-ordinator, will receive a Police Authority Community Service Award at the same ceremony. She will receive her award due to the pivotal role she plays in supporting the head teachers forum and ensuring its ongoing success across the Northfield constituency.

As a result of the forum, only four of the 160 young people have committed further acts of anti-social behaviour.

Inspector Karen Greasley, responsible for policing across the ward, said: “Holly and Jim have worked tirelessly to bring this head teachers forum to life. Their work has already made a huge different in the Northfield ward; so much so that the forum has been recognised as effective practice across Birmingham.”

Bishop Derek Webley, chairman of the West Midlands Police Authority, said, “We are delighted to be awarded a Police Authority Community Service Award and would like to thank Hollie for her public spirited action. It is only by the public helping us that we have any hope of defeating crime”


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