A final update from parent and campaigner Karen Shorrocks:

Following a peaceful protest outside the school gates ahead of the Governors’ meeting on Wednesday 11th July the Governors went ahead and voted on Academy conversion without balloting parents first. Over 200 parents had signed a petition calling for an advisory ballot and more information on what Academy would mean for them, their children and the community.

Although there was not an overwhelming vote in favour the vote was carried for the school to convert and Mr Roll the current Headteacher will be the Principal of the Academy from 1st September 2012.

Parents were officially informed by letter on Thursday of the conversion but no further information has been released, including who the Trustees will be or the members of the Governing Body.

Parents will be looking for assurance that their elected County Councillor will continue on the Board to work with the school. As a member of the local Council and a representative of the community of Rubery this would seem an obvious solution as well as being the school’s link to the community and also the Local Authority, in which it states it will continue to work with.

Although the school will no longer be accountable to the Local Authority, it will be accountable to parents and we intend to hold the Governors and Trustees to account so ensure they behave in a transparent and fair way in the interests of Waseley students. We have demonstrated this is possible and parents should feel proud by that.


  1. The Final report maybe..BUT NOT THE END. The campaign is continuing. We will be there every step of the way to ensure transparency, to report on new policies, recruitment of unqualified staff, job cuts…oh and any huge pay increases!! Launch and announcement will be made in September. We will be calling for parents to share with us their concerns as well as their positives. Ultimately our goal is for the school to be successful …so let’s help them achieve that.


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