Northfield Town Centre was the place to be today, it was full of happy smiley people enjoying the weather whilst taking advantage of the fantastic entertainment provided by Northfield Business Improvement District & Town Centre Partnership.

Wandering around, you would have seen families playing on the beach, eating ice creams, relaxing in the park, basically enjoying the facilities in their community. Sadly, as often in Northfield Town Centre, there was also that all to familiar sight of Police having to deal with yobbish behaviour in an incident later in the afternoon, after the beach had closed for the day.

The scene was that of confused shoppers and pedestrians, 5 Police vehicles, several Police Officers and one teenager sitting on the roof of Subway. A sporadic scattering of adolescent onlookers appeared to be encouraging the roof top ruffian, others just seemed to be content in mocking the Police.

One PCSO on the scene told B31 Voices that they were called as there were reports of a group of youths causing trouble.

An eye witness said “This is why I don’t bring my children to Northfield.”

Another observer stated “Silly little boy thinking he’s a man.”

An unfortunate blip on an otherwise splendid community spirited day, during which community members of all ages came together to enjoy events. 


  1. They were probably the same scruffy bunch of illiterates and shrieking tarts I saw kicking off in the precinct earlier. After being ejected by security they issued loud threats about ‘Round 2’ and getting their ‘gats’.

    I was rather hoping they may have fell under a bus or something wonderful like that.


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