Residents asked to be vigilant as travellers return to the area.

This morning, travellers entered Cofton Park car park. Unable to enter the park due to new security measures put in place by local councillors last year, they broke into the green waste compound adjoining the car park and set up camp there.

Police officers, Councillor Andy Cartwright and parks manager Joe Hayden have visited the site. Police have given travellers notice to leave the site within two hours.

Travellers made camp at Cofton Park last year and left a considerable mess. Following this and illegal encampments around the area (Frankley, Great Park, Egghill) efforts were made by Birmingham City Council to secure sites.

If you live in the area, please be vigilant to any movement and possible settlement by the travellers. If you see them setting up encampments or trying to break through security on open spaces in the area, please contact Longbridge Police by calling 101.


Last year, B31 Voices kept a timeline and map of the movement of travellers in the area to help highlight the need to find a solution to illegal encampments as Northfield MP Richard Burden called for Birmingham City Council to look into establishing a second legal site for travellers in Birmingham.

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  1. we dont want travellers near our homes,they dont pay tax or contribute to our community .we certainly dont want them or their children mixing with our children.move them on.

  2. The travellers were sent on their way and have gone to Senneleys park in the Bartley Green area.
    This was due to the great team work between Councillors- police and park warden all working together with the Frankley parish council.
    Please be alert and let your concillors and police know if you see them so we can act quick and move them on.
    The parks are for the people of the Longbridge ward to enjoy not for travellers to fly tip on and use as toilets.
    Lets all work together and keep our parks clean and safe for our community to use in the coming summer holidays.

    Councillor Andy Cartwright
    Working hard for the Longbridge ward.

  3. Is this just a case of do what you like but not on my ward or is it suggested that the parks in Bartley Green ward are ok for travellers to fly tip on and use as toilets?

  4. As the councillor of Longbridge i will always do whats best for my ward and the people of my ward.
    The three councillors of Bartley Green would do the same our parks are for families to enjoy not for travellers to destroy and leave like a tip.
    The residents of any ward would want their councillors to do whats best for the ward.


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