Confirmation that Longbridge Station is to have reduced ticket office opening hours was heard in the House of Commons last week.

Shadow Transport Secretary Maria Eagle asked Transport Minister Theresa Villiers to identify: “which train operating companies have made requests to (a) close and (b) reduce opening hours at station ticket offices in the latest period for which figures are available; and in respect of which stations such applications have been made.” [Hansard]

Mr Villiers identified Longbridge as a station where operators London Midland had applied for a reduction in ticket office opening hours.

Longbridge Station will be at the heart of the redeveloped Longbridge and is due for a long overdue ‘facelift’, although there has been some doubt cast as to how drastic improvements should be expected to be.

Concern has been expressed about security at the station should staff hours be reduced, especially in light of recent incidents, such as indecent exposure and vandalism. The station has already experienced an increase in passengers with the opening of the new Bournville College last year and numbers should rise further as the town centre development continues. Speaking about the state of Longbridge Station back in January, Councillor Andy Cartwright said: “… this station needs to have a station master. The people of Longbridge and Northfield deserve better than this.”

And in a letter to Timothy Huxtable (then Cabinet member for Transport) in January this year, Cllr Cartwright wrote: “… residents are saying that the station master’s position could be taken away. I do hope this is not the case as this station is used by many students and when the regeneration of Longbridge is complete hopefully more people will use these facilities.”

Northfield MP Richard Burden today tweeted: “Longbridge station in firing line for cuts in ticket office opening hrs. So much for commitment to area regeneration.”

In reply to Mr Burden, a representative of Birmingham Friends of the Earth tweeted: “So much for commitment to safe and reliable local transport! Staffed stations are essential for confidence in rail.”

Do you think more staff hours are essential to ensure the success of rail travel at Longbridge? Let us know your thoughts below.


  1. Longbridge is to have a new town centre so it should have a train station to match.
    I will be meeting officers from London midland next week for a site visit to show them what is needed to get the station up to the standed residents need.
    This station needs a full time station master as it will be used more than ever when the new town centre comes along.
    I will keep you all updated on this issue and will get someone from London Midland to attend a ward committee.
    councillor Andy Cartwright

  2. I cannot believe that a reduction in hours is even being considered at Longbridge! It really makes no sense at all. It makes a mockery of the motto ‘A New Heart for Longbridge’, by the time they’ve made all their cutbacks Longbridge will need a defibrilator to keep it going!

  3. Unfortunately, it seems to be yet another case of throwing lots of money into a huge project which is widely publisised, without fully thinking through the impact of how it will intergrate to the existing local facilities.

  4. Lets hope they start work on Longbridge train station soon as it looks as if its out dated.
    The new town centre is looking good and thats why im fighting to get the train station revamped along with Cllr Ian Cruise who has a big say on the redevolpment on the new town centre.
    Cllr Cruise is chair of the consultive group and is working hard to make sure we have are say.
    Parking needs to be sorted around the train station as for years its caused problems.
    This needs all councillors to work together for all residents of Longbridge and Northfield.
    Richard Burden MP is also doing all he can to support on this issue.
    Parking in this area nneds to be sorted its gone on to long lets hope something is done to help locai shops and most of all residents who ars fed up off people parking outside their homes.


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