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I am a parent of children attending Waseley Hills High School and am currently running a campaign ‘Hands off Waseley’ to raise awareness of the proposed conversion to Academy Status that the Governing Body are pushing towards, the first stage of the application has already gone through.There has been very little parental consultation and parents have called for a balanced meeting with For and Against speakers followed by a ballot of all parents with the majority being the deciding factor, parents do not want the decision made by a small group of Governors.

The school has failed in their duty to provide any documentation to support/oppose conversion and have been unhelpful in organising a meeting which led parents to hold their own meeting on 20th June at the Beacon Church Centre.  This meeting was set up to be a balanced meeting with For and Against speakers, unfortunately we were unable to find any willing speakers ‘For’ Academy (and we approached several high Schools who have recently converted), however we did manage to secure 2 very good speakers who spoke against Academy conversion, in particular one of these speakers was a parent from Bournville High School who encouraged the school to cease its application to convert. Speakers provided factual evidence and went through in detail the FAQ document that the school had published to its website as factually incorrect.

The school  have, under pressure, agreed to hold another meeting on 3rd July at the school, 7pm.  They have still not agreed to this meeting being balanced nor to be followed by an organised ballot of parents.   In response to this we have set up a petition calling for the school to consult appropriately and take into account the wishes of the parents.  The petition is available to sign in some of the local shops and on line  Local shops are supporting us in getting the message out to parents and are displaying posters to advertise the meeting.

We also have a website which gives access to the on-line petition and contains copies of letters parents have sent into the school on Academy status.  To date the school have failed to answer the queries made by parents.

If you are a parent/future parent please join our campaign and ensure your voice is heard before it is too late.

Thank you
Karen Shorrock

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  1. Hats Off to Karen Sharrock and Cormac Loane for the rearguard struggle to prevent Waseley Hills High becoming an Academy – The behaviour of the Chair of the Governors and the Head in trying to push through this change without consultation is undemocratic and must be resisted.
    My dad went to Waseley my Aunts Uncles, cousins, sister, Wife and many friends went to Waseley… My Daughter in Law lives on Barrington Road and has two young girls who will become Waseley Students… None of these people were aware of the Plans to move to Academy status and all of them are opposed to this move.
    Bromsgrove Green Party has discussed the situation at Waseley and offer [for what its worth] our full support to Karen and Cormac. There must be a comprehensive consultation and fully democratic ballot on this issue. No to the Bulldozers!

  2. We have had a fantastic response from parents, over 200 people have signed our hard copy petition (in under a week!!) and numbers are rapidly growing on the on-line petition. If you haven’t already please visit the Hands of Waseley website and sign the petition to ensure Tuesday’s meeting is fair and balanced. All parents are needed at Tuesday’s meeting, the more the merrier, to ensure the decision on how to move forward is based on the majority and not the minority of 11 governors. Thank you and look forward to meeting you all on Tuesday 7pm

  3. A last call for all parents and future parents of Waseley Hills High School to attend tonight’s meeting at 7pm about the proposed conversion to Academy. The meeting will be balanced with both FOR and AGAINST speakers so all of your questions should be answered. Following this meeting we are calling for an advisory ballot of ALL parents with the decision on whether to convert based on the outcome of the vote. Please attend and encourage every parent you know to attend as well. The meeting will be a real eye opener for anyone not sure of what Academy conversion means for them, their children and the community.


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