Andy Ross | Image courtesy of Birmingham Mail

Following a trial which lasted just over a week, a former Frankley community worker has been found guilty of offences of a sexual nature involving a child at Birmingham Crown Court.

A jury found Andrew Ross (60), formerly of Frankley, guilty of five charges including: three counts of Cause/incite a female child under 13 to engage in sexual activity and two counts of sexual assault of a female child under 13.

Andy Ross moved to Frankley in the early 2000s, and became a prominent figure in the local community, some dubbing him “The King of Frankley”. In his role as community worker at Frankley Church Community Project, Ross was very active in the area. Besides working on community development, he contributed to school assemblies, arranged discos, took local children on holidays, established a teenage pregnancy group and young dads’ projects, and took part in BBC WM’s Forgotten Frankley debate back in 2009.

Ross, of Meadowsweet Avenue, Kings Norton, was remanded in custody and will be sentenced on Friday 29th June.

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  1. My kids went to the disco’s ran by this guy, makes me sick, had to question the kids in a appropriate way, as the one was ‘one of his favourites’ and often won competitions.

    Will be seeing him get sent down.

    • how awfuil it must have been for you to speak to your children regarding this and such a shock for parents who children have had contact with this scum. i will also be seeing him sent down so i will see you Friday!

    • Also shows CRBs are no use most the time, as there are many people out there committing crimes, yet not been caught yet, so would never show up on a CRB.

  2. We have had to remove a comment on this post this morning.

    When commenting, PLEASE bear in mind that it is against the law to identify or give information which may lead to the identification of any children involved in this case. This is for the protection of the child. (please note that B31 Voices does not know if any information in the comment was accurate or not.)

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    After careful consideration, we have decided to leave comments open on this post, to allow members of the community to discuss this issue. It is a very emotive one and we would request that you think carefully upon anything you post here.

    Many thanks, Sas & Marty

  3. my daughter and friends often went to the discos run by this low life scum i never did like the look of him call it “gut instinct but i thought he would have been c r b checked other one slipped through the net ? or authorities just could not be arsed hope they gey sued for this by the parents and children that suffered


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