'Art Attack' Neil Buchanan - Back Street Games

Press release:

Four years since ‘the Art Attack Man’ last attacked art on his BAFTA award winning TV show Art Attack, in front of six million viewers each week, the ultimate mischief maker in the world of art is at it again this time creating sporting mischief with his brand new collection of limited edition fine art entitled Neil Buchanan’s Back Street Games. The brand new collection will be in Jamie Leigh Fine Art, Rubery throughout the summer and ‘the Art Attack Man’ will make a personal appearance in the gallery on Saturday 23 June, 12-2pm.

Whilst the rest of us are preparing for this summer’s diet of wall-to-wall Olympics, the irreverent Scouser (who has often been feted as ‘the real Banksy’ on Facebook), pushes back the boundaries and jumps over the hurdles to create this cheeky and witty bit of sporting art naughtiness. Neil Buchanan’s Back Street Games depicts the alternative games played out in the ‘athlete’s alleys’ all around the country as his‘ ‘Naughty Sporties’ take part in the ‘smallest’ sporting event of the year!

More ‘fine anarchic’ than fine artist, Neil Buchanan said: “I’m celebrating smallness and the littlest victories around the whole of little Britain! This is what really goes on in the alternative little ‘lympics in the alleys, the parks and the gardens of the nation, long after the final race has been won at the biggest sporting event of the year. So if you’re anything like me and have thought ‘Oh no not another bloomin’ souvenir’, the Back Street Games is the ultimate antidote to souvenirs! This is 100 per cent not the Olympics! This is smallness on a big scale!”

In Neil Buchanan’s Back Street Games, every event is turned upside down yet every painting is a winner as the lively Liverpudlian packs each picture with gags and humour. Wooden crates are transformed into the winning podium, dustbins morph into hurdles, a battered fence changes into the high jump and a bit of old string transforms into the hallowed finishing line.

Buchanan’s banter in the narrative is equalled by his gifted natural ability to paint and draw, as the animated and colourful ‘Naughty Sporties’ burst out of the grey and monochrome ordinariness of the back street alley, to dream their extraordinary dreams as they ‘ go for gold’… even if they have to cheat to be first over the finishing line!

The five-strong collection of signed limited edition art has been cheekily christened by the ‘Art Attack Man’ and include: Didn’t Wanna Win Anyway, The High Jump Bunk, The Mad Dash, The Hurtles and “On Your Marks, Get Set … CHEAT!”

This inspirational and aspirational collection is delivered in mixed media (acrylic paint and ink pen) and beautifully reproduced on canvas on board giving each work of art the look and feel of an original painting, but at a fraction of the price. As Neil Buchanan added: “Art should be accessible to everybody, not just a bunch of art historians in art galleries, that’s why my invitation to the millions of viewers each week on Art Attack was ‘Try it Yourself!’ My Back Street Games is bringing art back to street level, or even gutter level! Just mind you don’t trip up in the puddles and slip on the banana skins!”

Every artwork is presented as canvas on board (and measures an impressive 46cm x 57cm), is personally signed by Neil Buchanan and comes in a low edition size of 95 (worldwide) for each image. Neil Buchanan’s Back Street Games will be in Jamie Leigh Fine Art throughout the summer and the gallery is located at 112 New Road, Rubery, West Midlands B45 9HY. To contact call 0121 422 2503 or visit www.jamieleighfineart.co.uk


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