UPDATE: 10/5/12 Don’t forget there is a public meeting on local schools being forced into academy status in Northfield tonight. If you know or suspect your child’s school could be affected, the meeting is at 6pm at Northfield Baptist Church, Bristol Road South, Northfield. B31 2NQ More details

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The National Union of Teachers today announced that staff at 13 schools in Birmingham have asked to be balloted on strike action in reaction to the government’s plans to force some primary schools to accept academy status.

NUT General Secretary Christine Blower said: “Forced academies have nothing to do with raising standards of education. There is no evidence at all to support the notion that changing the status of a school will transform the educational attainment of its pupils. The majority of the school communities in Birmingham do not support this move. The Local Authority needs to listen to the people who elected them.

“Primary academies are a fairly new phenomenon and there is no evidence to suggest that a change in status will automatically raise standards. What it will do is take the school further away from the local community and make it accountable only to the Secretary of State in London or a private sponsor or Trust.”

The list includes several schools in the Northfield constituency. These are schools where staff have requested that their union offer them a ballot and is by no means a comprehensive list of all local schools which have been requested to become academies.

  • Jervoise Junior School, Weoley
  • Northfield Manor Primary School, Northfield
  • West Heath Primary School, West Heath

Other local schools known to have been asked to accept academy status are:

  • Primrose Hill Community School, Kings Norton
  • Reaside Junior School, Frankley

There are more schools that have been approached but have not yet publicly announced. We will update as we hear of more.


If you suspect your child’s primary school may have been approached or are interested in learning more, there is a public meeting in Northfield tomorrow night (Thursday 10th May). Click here for details

Or write or speak to the board of governors to make sure they know your views

Read Richard Burden MP’s guest post – Stop the School Bullies


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