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Labour gain – majority 61

Kirsty Jayne Axe – Green Party – 179

John Hamilton Borthwick – UK Independence Party (UKIP) – 353

Howard Rodrick Hamilton – British National Party – 201

Les Lawrence – Conservative Party – 2177

Andy Moles – Liberal Democrats – 201

Brett O’Reilly – Labour Party Candidate – 2238

Stats 2012:

Electorate: 19,597
Majority: 61
Total votes for ward: 5,349
Total percentage turnout: 27.29%

Stats 2011:

Electorate: 19,092
Majority: 54
Total votes for ward: 6,881
Total percentage turnout for ward: 36.04


  1. On election day, a worker on the railways told me that if there was no operative at a station, such as someone in the ticket office, any lifts at that station must be locked and cannot be used.
    That is because if someone gets stuck in a lift there would then be noone to rescue them.
    CENTRO is investing huge sums in lifts at Northfield and Selly Oak stations. There is already a lift at Longbridge station.
    Yet Midlands Trains is consulting on removing the ticket office staff from Northfield and Longbridge stations.
    What is the point of investing in these lifts if they can never be used?


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