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Birmingham’s Anti Academy Alliance is to host a public meeting in Northfield this week amid claims that: “Michael Gove plans to seize around 30 Birmingham Primary schools and turn them into academies.”

The AAA claims that the government may be set to ‘force’ failing schools in Birmingham to accept academy status. The Alliance says that: “Many of the schools that Michael Gove wants to seize are in areas with high unemployment and poverty. ”

It has been suggested that several primary schools in the Northfield area could be affected, including Northfield Manor, West Heath Primary and Primrose Hill Primary. The AAA are holding a public meeting to discuss the issues surrounding academies this Thursday evening in Northfield.

Meanwhile, Education Secretary Michael Gove told the Birmingham Post that: “some city schools were ‘not good enough’ and that ‘determined action’ was needed to improve education.” as he suggested that improving schools in Birmingham was essential to improving youth unemployment figures. Around 10% of 18-24 year olds in the city currently claim Job Seekers Allowance.

There are suggestions that the government’s portrayal of the apparent success rate of academies may be exaggerated and concerns that some primary schools may be uneccessarily forced into academy status.

The Guardian today ran an article about forced academies, focusing on Birmingham primary schools. In the article, the headteacher of an undisclosed Birmingham primary school describes how her school is being threatened with ‘special measures’ and forced academy status, despite the hard work she and her staff have already successfully undertaken to improve the school dramatically, lifting it out of special measures.

If you would like to hear some of the arguments and concerns regarding forced academies in Northfield and across Birmingham, you can attend the meeting, aimed primarily at parents and staff of Northfield Manor, Primrose Hill and West Heath Primary schools:

Public meeting opposing forced academies in Birmingham:

Date: Thursday 10th May 2012
Time: 6pm
Venue: Northfield Baptist Church, 789 Bristol Road South, Northfield B31 2NQ Primaries – Parents leaflet[1].pdf


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