Please consider signing these two petitions: one to Birmingham City Council and one to Education Secretary Michaael Gove:

The first is the Birmingham Anti Academies Alliance petition to Birmingham City Council:

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The second from Ask Parents First asks Michael Gove to visit Birmingham to meet with parents from threatened schools:

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  1. Who or what department within the council is ‘forcing’ these schools to become an academy? I don’t believe it is in the council’s interest to do this

    • Hi Matt, it is the goverment’s Department for Education that has approached the schools and are reportedly putting on the pressure

  2. You will find the council has little say or power to stop this happening so a petition to them will be of little worth. Not sure whether the new labour council will have more influence

  3. […] Parents signed two petitions. The first calling on Birmingham City Council to support schools staying within the local family of schools and to help them fight plans to hand them over to private sponsors and away from the communities they serve. The second called for the Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove to meet with the parents of Birmingham to discuss his plans to make our community schools into academies and to listen to our concerns. You can sign both petitions online here […]

  4. The only parents I’ve seen / heard complaining are the ones with children that have behaviour problems or special needs.
    These parents want their kids to drag down the kids who are good / high achievers.
    There needs to be either set classes or schools for these special needs kids, and let the rest of the school learn at a decent pace.
    As special needs kids are lucky to get 1 or 2 hours help, which is taken out of normal class.
    They slow down and disrupt the class.


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