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The Birmingham Mail has today reported a story about Gabrielle, the cat who survived being shot between the eyes with a pellet gun.

The horrific image above shows just how close Gabrielle was to being killed.

Gabrielle (named by the RSPCA) was found in Groveley Lane, Longbridge on April 16th and collected by RSPCA inspector Scott Vanes.

Scott Vanes told the Birmingham Mail: “To aim and fire a loaded weapon at a defenceless animal is completely sick.

“As far as I am concerned the intention was to kill this cat and the fact she has survived is nothing short of a miracle.”

The smokey grey cat is safe and well and being nursed to recovery by staff at the RSPCA Hospital in Barnes Hill, Weoley Castle who are trying to locate her owner.

Mr Vanes added: “I need to find out who was responsible for this abhorrent act of cruelty and urge anyone with information to get in touch. If you know of anyone in the area who is targeting animals with an air gun then please call me and tell me what you know.

“If you witness anyone shooting birds or animals I would urge you to call the police in the first instance, then report what you saw to the RSPCA.”

Much-loved pet ducks Bella & Quackers dancing. With thanks to their owners

This is not the first instance of animal cruelty in and around the Groveley Lane area. Earlier this month we reported the tragic story of Bella and Quakers, the pet Indian Runner Ducks killed and mutilated at a nearby home.

We have also heard more than one verbal account of people saying that cats have been found harmed, with at least one other incident having been reported to the police.

One resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: “As a local resident and vehement animal lover I’m not only shocked and disgusted at the cruelty being inflicted on animals, but at the fact it’s happening where I live, to people I know and care about […]  The people – and I use the word lightly – doing this are sick.”

Whether these incidents are linked or not, the perpetrators of these cruel acts need to be stopped.

If you have seen or heard anyone taking pot shots with air guns or have any information about any instances of violence towards animals in the area, please do contact the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999 or Northfield Police on 101 and help them to put an end to this cruelty.

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