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A Notice of Demolition has been served on the landmark disused Longbridge Station on the site of the Longbridge redevelopment. Members of the Northfield Past Facebook group have expressed their disappointment and opposition to the demolition.

Founder Dave Adams said: “It’s with great sadness that I have learnt that St Modwen have applied to Birmingham City Council’s planning department for permission to demolish the old Longbridge/Austin railway station on Bristol Rd South, particularly as no public consultation has taken place.

“The Birmingham City Council, Bromsgrove District Council and Worcestershire County Council Sustainability Appraisal and Strategic Environmental Assessment for the Longbridge Area Action Plan stated:- ‘Conserve and, where appropriate, enhance the historic, industrial and cultural heritage of the Longbridge study area. (SEA Directive: cultural heritage; RSDF: environmental assets, culture and recreation)'”

Dave added: “I urge all people who have an interest in local history or heritage to contact the Birmingham city councils planning dept to raise objections and to please sign the online petition that will be set up.”

If you feel strongly about this proposal, you can sign the online petition below (Lead petitioner: Dave Adams).

You can also view the application online and leave comments. The application is open for consultation until Sunday 13th May 2012.

Planning application number: 2012/02808/PA

Site Address: Lot 16, Former MG Rover Works, Longbridge, Birmingham B45 9TX

Planning Office address: Planning Management, BCC, PO Box 28, 1 Lancaster Circus, Queensway, Birmingham B1 1TU

Planning Office Phone: 0121 303 1115

Longbridge Ticket Office through the years:

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  1. Thank you for doing this petition. I love this building and it will be really sad if this is just torn down like the other historic buildings from the former Austin works. We need to get an appeal added to the application so that the council know how the local people think of this latest act of vandalism by St Modwen

  2. This place is part of Longbridges heritage, it has always been one of my favourite buildings and a landmark for the area, it would be terrible if it was knocked down.:(

  3. Brought up in Kings Norton & Northfield & moved to the Scottish Highlands 6 years ago but I would not like to see another historic building demolished in the area … so much history & memories are attached to this place. As some one else has commented why not use the building as a Rover museum?

  4. my opinion wont be popular , but i think it should be demolished i understand its a piece of local history , and i understand why there is a petition . but the thing is will the station blend in with the new development ? the station is tired and dated so maybe it should come down ..

    • pretty soon there will be nothing left of the original longbridge left,we live here and its our home…we dont want a brand new town,we want to retain some of our history… is not always about money and ugly new buildings its about a community and the old helping to build the new

  5. It’s been unused for a very long time. A bit of a waste really. Perhaps rather than demolishing it we could redevelop the building, actually use it as something rather than a ghost building in the middle of a modern development.
    I assume it’s cheaper to knock it down though, that’s probably why it will be demolished rather than anything else.

  6. how much more of our heritage is going to be pounded into the ground,part of our future is in the roots of our past!

  7. I’ve always been interested in this building since I first saw it.

    If the building is demolished I am going to try and find a way of obtaining the old faded piece of sign-age off the front off the front of the building before its demolished because that is the most interesting part of the building which would be worth saving if the building does get demolished but I hope i doesn’t.

    If any one knows how to save this piece of the building from being trashed in a skip for recycling please reply .

  8. I think that this should be reused as it is part of Longbridge,
    I know it has been empty for over 30 years but is still a part of our history.


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