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The Birmingham Mail and Birmingham Post have reported that the High Court has turned down a claim by Phoenix Venture Holdings that bankers at HBOS illegally withdrew £12 million earmarked for workers’ compensation.

Rover Community Action Trust chair, Gemma Cartwright MBE, told the Birmingham Post: “People have put their lives on hold believing that this money was going to come. They will be absolutely shattered.

“We get asked all the time; when we go shopping in Northfield, people say: ‘Are you still fighting for that Trust Fund money? Do you know when the Fund is coming?’ You can see the pain that people are going through.

 “Seven years on, it is simply not fair to keep people hanging on. Enough is enough – it can’t carry on like this.

“There’s still hardship in the Longbridge area. We know of former Rover workers who have been made redundant two, three times, even more.

“Relationships have broken up and you have people aged 45 to 48 who have had to go back to live with their parents because they can’t get mortgages.”

Local historian and MG Rover Trust Fund trustee Carl Chinn told the Mail: “Instead of spending all this money on court cases, the Phoenix Four should now do the honourable thing and put £1 million each of their own money into the Employee Trust Fund.”

Are you an ex-MG Rover employee still waiting for a payout? Is the collapse of MG Rover still affecting you life?  Let us know how this is affecting you either in the comments box below or by emailing us on

You can read the full story on:

Birmingham Post

Birmingham Mail



  1. I agree with Carl Chin and Gemma’s comments it is a disgrace the way we have been treated the Pheonix 4 and the Labour goverment are to be blamed has well they new what was going on when Pheonix bought MG Rover from BMW if Pheonix 4 had Pheonix kept OUR beloved MINI we would all still be there we should have known really when BMW had the MINI and we had the Rover 75 The Pheonix 4 just wanted it for 5yrs to strip the assitts they said they would get it into the black and sell it as a going consern
    The Chinies Company would have bought it if we had kept the MINI and also what happened to Studly Castle that the Pheonix 4 had I hope our union unite fight for the ex Rover workers i HAVE BEEN RETIRED FOR 2YRS AND COULD NOT GET A REGULAR JOB FOR OVER 12MTHS AND STRUGGLED TRYING TO GET A JOB WITH AGENCY’S FOR £5 25p an hour i am still in the union at 68yrs

  2. Its absolutley disgusting they way the pheonix 4 have treated us former employees. I was made redundant after recently finding out I was pregnant. With the amount of people out of work I found it impossible to find work as people didn’t want to employee somebody who would be going on maternity leave. Through all this I got into a lot of debt which I am still after 7 years trying to clear. That payout would have helped me and my family dramatically but seems as though that seems like it will neva happen whilst the phenoix 4 live in luxery. Really can’t see how that’s fair!


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