The Navigation - Wharf Road, Kings Norton
The Navigation - Image by Ell Brown on Flickr

Following a successful campaign, the Co-operative last year withdrew a planning application to demolish The Navigation in Kings Norton and replace it with a Co-operative store. Kings Norton councillor Valerie Seabright writes on the renewed application submitted  last week:

The Coop have presented another planning application to Birmingham City for the demolition of the Navigation Pub on Wharf Road, Kings Norton and replacement by a new supermarket.

A good campaign was organised last Autumn and the Coop withdrew their application. This new application does not really address the issues which might have resulted in rejection last time ie. proximity to the resident next door and highways issues. Many of the objections raised by individuals and local organisations, mainly co-ordinated by the “Save the Navigation Committee” were not accepted as reasons for rejection but we still feel we have a strong case to present against this plan.

Kings Norton Conservation area lies to the edge of the navigation boundary and has buildings of serious historical significance – we can’t let the Coop vandalise and destroy our local heritage.

The building of a Coop store or in fact any removal of the community facility will impact on many families as well as the impact on local retailers on Kings Norton Green.

The impact on traffic at the roundabout at Wharf Road is seriously underestimated,there have been a number of accidents and incidents over the last ten years and more traffic and heavy delivery lorries will possibly make the situation worse.

The group met on Wednesday night to restart the campaign,we have to collect more signatures on our petition but just as important are individual letters stating objections to the plans. Any objections need to be sent before 21st June so please support the campaign. Keep Kings Norton Conservation area , the Navigation and Kings Norton Green safe from large predatory retailers who already have blighted the area with empty property on the Pershore Road adjacent to the Green.

You can view the application online and leave comments. The application is open for public consultation until 21st June 2012.

Planning application number: 2012/03273/PA

Site Address: Navigation Inn, 1 Wharf Road, Kings Norton, Birmingham B30 3EX

Planning Office address: Planning Management, BCC, PO Box 28, 1 Lancaster Circus, Queensway, Birmingham B1 1TU

Planning Office Phone: 0121 303 1115

If you want to get involved in the campaign visit the Save the Navigation website



  1. Does anyone know about the co op’s new plans for kings norton? New plans have apparently been submitted with a meeting planned for next week. Notices mounted on local lamp posts!!


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