Do you have issues you want to raise about your local area? Want to know what your local councillors and police officers are doing?

Police & councillors get together at least once a month for neighbourhood tasking meetings which are open to the public.

The tasking meetings are held on Wednesdays at 8pm the Great Park Pub on Ashbrook Drive, Rubery Rednal and the dates fot the next three meetings are:

23rd May 2012
20th June 2012 and
25th July 2012

Longbridge officers also hold regular Meet and Greet sessions at locations around the ward. You can find details on these, the neighbourhood policing team and their priorities on the Longbridge Neighbourhood Team web page.

Other ward teams hold similar meetings and meet and greets and you can find them on their respective pages:

Northfield Team

Kings Norton Team

Weoley Team


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