We’ve asked each of the winning candidates for a reaction to last week’s election results. We will post as we get them.

Jess Phillips (Labour) is the newly elected councillor for Longbridge Ward:

I am ecstatic to have won the election last night in Longbridge and feel proud as a brummy to be representing this great city.

I look forward to a united Labour Team in the ward, working under a ruling Labour Council really being able to make changes for the ward and the city.

The hard work starts now and it is vital that in a time of drastic cuts we look at ways to retain and improve services for the residents of the ward such as elderly care services, children centre’s and youth provision.

The longer game for the ward will be to ensure that the regeneration of the area picks up momentum and properly takes account of what is needed and wanted by the people of the area.

Thank you to everyone who went and voted on a cold, wet and rainy day – it is truly an honour to represent you.



  1. congratulations on your election and yes it is good to see the regeneration of longbridge but it is coming at a price i am a long standing resident of thurlestone road and find the college staff and students fill this road and others with their cars and ignore the college car park at one pound a day i have witnessed some nasty unpleasent rows and fear this is getting worse.PLEASE can we have resident parking scheme introduced at a nominal fee to give us back our road


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