We’ve asked each of the winning candidates for a reaction to last week’s election results. We will post as we get them.

Brett O’Reilly (Labour) is the newly elected councillor for Northfield Ward:

I would like to thank all those who turned out to vote and in particular, those who voted Labour!

I intend to work hard to serve the residents of Northfield and to improve the community in which we live. I want to be accessible to all and will do my upmost to engage local people in local decisions. We need to get back to local politics and ensure that it is the people of Northfield, and furthermore; Birmingham, who are given a voice in these tough times.

My main aim is to improve the lives of all in our community, from replacing slabs and repairing roads, to housing repairs or providing protection for vulnerable people. Whatever the issue may be, I will be there to help.

If I could send out one clear message to the people of Northfield, it would be that while I may now be an elected councillor, my values, my enthusiasm and my dedication have not changed. I am on your side and here to help.

I once again thank all the people who voted for me and I look forward to serving as your local councillor.



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