“Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote”- George Jean Nathan | VOTE by Theresa Thompson, on Flick

With the mayoral debate at its height and the referendum to be held on May 3rd, we are reposting our ongoing poll here, asking if you would like to see an elected mayor  for Birmingham.

At the time of writing the poll stands at 60% Yes and 38% No.

We’re hoping to have some opinions from local politicians to share with you soon.

In the meantime, a while ago we asked former MP and Yes to a Brum Mayor campaigner Siôn Simon to help explain what the idea was all about.

Nicky Getgood of Digbeth is Good has posted some really useful information and links on the subject.

For more on the Yes and No campaigns visit:

We’d love to hear  your views in the comments section below!



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