From West Midlands Police:

POLICE investigating the death of a woman at an address in Birmingham on Saturday (28 April) are appealing for people who may have been at the gathering to come forward.

Officers were called to at an address in the Roundabout, Northfield at 9.04pm following a call from West Midlands Ambulance Service, who were treating three people who needed urgent medical assistance.

A 28-year-old woman was found collapsed at the scene and received emergency treatment. She was taken to hospital where, despite the efforts of medical staff, she died.

A post-mortem is due to take place in due course to establish the cause of death.

Two other men were also found at the address collapsed and were also taken to hospital for emergency treatment. Both have now been discharged.

Officers believe there may have been a number of people at the address during the evening and are appealing for anyone with information to contact police.

Following a number of statements taken and examination of the Northfield address, police are investigating whether a controlled substance, known as GBL was taken by members of the party.

Police are also making enquiries into the death of a man in a separate incident on Saturday in Birmingham city centre.

The 24-year-old was found dead an address in Brindley Drive, Birmingham at around 1.15pm. A post-mortem and toxicology tests are due to take place.

Detective Inspector Andy Hawkins, from Force CID, said: “A post-mortem, including a toxicological examination, will be undertaken to establish the cause of death in both incidents. We are appealing for anyone with information to contact us.”

He said: “We believe that the controlled substance Gamma-Butyrolactone or GBL, the base solvent to a number of alloy wheel cleaners, super glue removers and paint strippers, may have been used as a drug at the gathering at the address in Northfield. We are appealing for anyone who may have any information to contact us.”

Barry Eveleigh, Lead Commissioner for Drug Treatment for the Birmingham Drug and Alcohol Action Team, said: “GBL is a dangerous drug, closely related to GHB.

“Taking GBL or GHB puts users at significant risk of unconsciousness, coma or even death. As both drugs have a sedative effect and can make users feel very sleepy, they have also been linked to drug assisted sexual assault.”

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