A police investigation is underway after two family pets were killed and mutilated in a seemingly motiveless attack in Fountain Close, Longbridge on 3 April.  The dead pets were then left in a shallow grave for the owners to find when they returned home from work.  They now fear the attacker will strike again.

Much-loved pet ducks Bella & Quackers dancing. (With thanks to their owners)

The victims, a family with a nine-month old child, are devastated at the heartless slaughter of Bella and Quackers, a mating pair of Indian Runner ducks.  “The brutality and callousness was shocking”, they said.   “Our nine-month old son is heartbroken and our friends’ children miss them terribly.  How can anyone be so cruel to such helpless creatures?”

The family, who wish to remain anonymous, had cared for the ducks for three years.  Bella, the female, came from a rescue centre and between them the ducks had produced seven ducklings who live safely on a farm.

Nothing was taken from the family’s garden or home and they are now seeking witnesses.  “If you saw or heard anything, please contact the Police.  We’d hate for this to happen to other families with children.”

A Police investigation is underway and the matter has also been referred to the RSPCA.

Anyone with any information should contact Longbridge Police on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111



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