REUNITED: Alfie and his owner back together

UPDATED 20.30 15th April 2012 : Thanks to Claire for phoning me and Alfie’s owner. She saw this link on Facebook and a poster from his owner and helped to get everyone in contact with each other!

Mike has now delivered 9 month old Alfie home after he snuck out through an open door this afternoon for a bit of an adventure!

Well done Mike and Traci and thank you all for spreading the word.

We heart a happy ending! :D


We were contacted on Twitter by Traci and Mike O’Shaughnessy who have taken in a dog found wandering in Cofton Park in Longbridge today. The small dog was found by Traci’s mother who waited for over an hour to see if the owner turned up before deciding to take it home.

The dog is male and looks like a Jack Russell or Jack Russell cross. It is wearing a blue collar.

If the dog is yours or you think you may know who it belongs to, please contact us by emailing: or calling 07412 675 105

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  1. I’ve just seen a missing poster for Alfie the dog and passed on the contact details so hopefully he’ll be reunited with his owners! X

  2. A lot of praise should really go to my mum Jacqui Jones as she waited for two hours at the park with him to see if his owners came looking and then managed to take Alfie home and look after him ! Alfie had a great time playing with our dogs & my two boys ! We are so happy that he is back with his owners ! Thanks for all your help everyone x

  3. So glad that he’s safe and back with his owners! Looks like he had a lovely adventure today and was well looked after on his travels! X


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