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With just three days to go until election day, you should have received your polling card, informing you were you should go to place your votes in the local election and the mayoral referendum.

We hope you’ve found our election coverage useful. Unfortunately, not many candidates have so far submitted to our ‘500 Words’ series, which is a little disappointing. Hopefully, we’ll have a few more before election day! Many thanks to those who have contributed.

If you’re still undecided on the mayor debate, you can read some opinions here: http://www.karmadillo.co.uk/b31/?tag=brummayor

Below is a list of polling stations throughout the Northfield constituency – all will be open between 7am and 10pm on May 3rd.

You should double check where your polling station is as some have been changed.

You do not have to take your polling card with you to vote, it’s just for your information, but you must vote at the station marked on your polling card.

If you haven’t received yours or have misplaced it and are not sure where you should be voting, you can find your polling station by entering your postcode and selecting your address here: BCC My Local Information or check with Birmingham City Council’s Elections Office 


KINGS NORTON WARD  (Electorate 17,247 )

View Kings Norton polling stations in a larger map

  • Wychall Primary School, (Infant section), Middle Field Road, B31 3EH
  • Fairway Primary School, Muirfield Gardens, B38 8XG
  • West Heath Primary School, Rednal Road, B38 8HU
  • Hawkesley Church Pastoral Centre, Old Portway, B38 9RG
  • Primrose Hill Community School, Tees Grove, B38 9DH
  • St. Paul’s Catholic Primary School, Sisefield Road, B38 9JB
  • Pool Farm Estate Club, Greaves Square, B38 9LX
  • Kings Norton Primary (JI) School, Pershore Road South, B30 3EU
  • St. John Fisher Catholic Primary School, Alvechurch Road, B31 3PN 146

LONGBRIDGE WARD (Electorate 18,784)

View Longbridge polling stations in a larger map

  • Reaside Centre, Ormond Road, B45 0JD
  • Holly Hill School and Church Centre, New Street, B45 0EU
  • Forestdale Primary School, Wareham Road, B45 0JS
  • Eternal Life Church, 420 Frankley Beeches Road, B31 5NJ
  • The Meadows Primary School, (entrance School Close or), Bristol Road South, B31 2SW
  • Deelands Hall, Deelands Road, B45  9RR
  • Colmers School and Sports College, Bristol Road South, B45 9NY
  • Longbridge Methodist Church Hall, 1654 Bristol Road South, B45 9TY
  • Our Lady’s Parish Centre, Leach Green Lane, B45  9BQ
  • St. Stephen’s Hall (Rodney Room), Edgewood Road, B45 8SG

NORTHFIELD WARD (Electorate 19,597)

View Northfield polling stations in a larger map

  • St. Laurence Church Infant School, Bunbury Road, B31 2DJ
  • British Legion Club, 82 Quarry Lane, B31 2PY
  • West Heath Nursery School, 200 West Heath Road, B31 3HB
  • West Heath Primary School, (entrance Wakeford Road or), Rednal Road, B38 8HU
  • Turves Green Girls School and Technology College, Turves Green, B31 4BP
  • Culmington Hall, Culmington Road, B31 4JN
  • West Heath Community Centre, Condover Road, B31 3QY
  • Greenlands Social Club, Longbridge Lane, B31 4LF
  • St. Johns Scout Hut, 381 Turves Green, Longbridge, Birmingham, B31 4RD
  • Cofton Primary School, Wootton Road, B31 4ST
  • Northfield Methodist Church Hall, Chatham Road, B31 2PH
  • Austin Sports & Social Club, 30 Tessall Lane, B31 2SF
  • St. Laurence Church Junior School, Bunbury Road, B31 2DJ

WEOLEY WARD (Electorate 18,027)

View Weoley polling stations in a larger map

  • Weoley Castle Nursery School, Weoley Castle Road, B29 5QD
  • Green Meadow Primary School, Green Meadow Road, B29 4EE
  • Weoley Hill United Reformed Church Room, Green Meadow Road, B29 4DE
  • Northfield Manor Junior & Infant School, Swarthmore Road, B29 4JT
  • Shenley Lane Community & Sports Assoc, 472 Shenley Lane, B29 4HZ
  • Bellfield Childrens Centre, Vineyard Road, B31 1PT
  • Trescott Junior & Infant (NC) School, (entrance Norrington Road or), Trescott Road, B31 5QD
  • Village Hall, Weoley Hill, B29 4AD
  • St Brigid’s Catholic Primary School, Frankley Beeches Road, Northfield B31 5AB
Thanks to Geoff Coleman from BCC Newsroom for the handy Google maps!

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Do you have a strong opinion on the referendum for an elected Birmingham mayor? Let us know your views! sas@b31.org.uk

Your vote is important in influencing local issues.

I’m going to, once again, reproduce here a blog post I wrote back in 2009 on a personal blog about a lady who inspired me to never fail to vote again!

I’m not a believer in compulsory voting.

However, personally, I feel that neglecting to vote is an insult to the struggle and suffering of the many who have fought for universal suffrage over the years. They did, of course, also further our right to choose NOT to vote and not voting as a conscious decision is just as important for some.

In last year’s local election, I neglected to vote. I was busy / tired / tied up etc. Or lazy / complacent / ignorant if you prefer!

When I collected the kidlets from primary school, the secondary school on the same campus was serving as a polling station. I’d been somewhere in the car and was a bit early, so sat in the car park waiting. As I sat there, an elderly lady came out of the part of the building where the polls were being conducted. I saw her, then carried on messing with my mobile phone: tweeting or somesuch nonesense! Five minutes later, I looked up and this lady had advanced no further than 5 metres or so towards me, her mobility was so much of an effort. (*NB. All distances are estimated and I’m rubbish at estimating distance! Just take it as read that she was very, very slow!)

I went to her and asked if she was okay or would she like any help? She was trying to the exit the car park: 20 metres up a steep slope across the busy entrance. She said she was all right but it would be nice if I would lend her an arm. It took us 15 minutes to walk that 20 metres. I was beginning to think I was going to be late collecting my kidlets. Her next pitstop was the supermarket 100+ metres away! She wouldn’t let me help her any further and insisted on slowly, independently making her way off to do her shopping.

Whilst walking with this lovely lady, we chatted. She was proud to have used her vote. She would have done anything to make sure it wasn’t wasted. She felt it was the single most important thing she had done for months.

So, in future, in respect for this anonymous stranger & the thousands of other people, both reknowned & unknown, who have struggled for my right to vote in democratic elections, I will never neglect to use my vote again.


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