As part of our 2012 election coverage we have contacted each candidate in Kings Norton, Longbridge, Northfield and Weoley wards by letter or email asking them to contribute to this year’s ’500 Words’ series. Each candidate has been invited to describe themselves and their campaigns in their own words.

Chris Hughes, candidate for new party Communities Against the Cuts, sent us this.

In Britain we bailed out our failing banks to the tune of £45.5 billion pounds! And now, in 2012, when RBS bank, mostly publicly owned, revealed losses of nearly £2 billion pounds, they are paying their highest earning bankers £390 million pounds in bonuses! The very next day Lloyds Bank, again mostly publicly owned revealed losses of £3.5 billion pounds and yet paid their top bankers £375 million pounds in bonuses!

The cash for our disappearing jobs, disappearing schools, pensions, public services, our disappearing NHS, is stuffed in the pockets of the bankers! And the ConDem Governments answer is to pass through a budget where Barclays boss, Bob Diamond, will be £325,000 better off while making our pensioners pay more!

The ConDem Government, a Cabinet of Millionaires, also thinks it’s a good idea to freeze Council workers pay across the country for a fourth consecutive year running! The very people that look after us all every day, the people who sweep our streets, empty our bins, teach our children, this Government thinks it’s those people, those who never caused this crisis, should pay the price for the failures and greed of the Bankers! Those same people whose taxes paid for that massive banking bailout!

And what does the Labour Party say about all of this? What is their response? They seem to agree with this ConDem Government! They seem to think it’s all of us who should pay! The Labour Party mantra is that the cuts are “Too fast, too deep”. They say that we should all pay for the mistakes of the bankers, only at a slower pace and more gradually!

The Labour Party, locally and nationally, have failed to defend ordinary people from the ravages of Capitalism. They are even heard to want a ‘Responsible Capitalism’ and to simply to remove the rough edges of the Free Market. The Labour Party favours a move away from what they now see as the ‘Big State’.

They even think the poorest in society, the most vulnerable, those claiming benefits, should pay! A West Midlands Labour MP earning at least £65,000 a year plus expenses thinks that the ConDem benefit cap of £26,000 is too high outside London and should be lowered for Birmingham! This means those poorer families currently receiving Working Families Tax Credits, who already stand to lose up to £4,000 a year under the ConDems, could lose EVEN MORE under Labour!

Communities against the Cuts are standing up against ALL of the cuts!

We are defending ALL of our Public Services, ALL of our Jobs, ALL of our Schools, ALL of our Pensions, ALL of our Hospitals! ALL of our Pensions!

We believe we should make those who caused this crisis, the Bankers, pay for it!

The ConDem are helping their rich friends through this crisis!
The Labour Party are helping themselves!

There is an Alternative! We Are the Alternative!
Stand Up! Stand Together! Fight Back!
Vote for Us!
Vote ‘Communities against the Cuts’ in May!


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  1. i have long been a advocate of a fairer socity and a regular contributor to the letter pages of both local and national press, what we have in this government is a rebirth of thatchers britain, and we need to be taking a lot more militan action,i have been been a trade unionist most of my working life, and belive we are entering a new phase of conservatism that will put britain poor back into the workhouses what happened at selly oak is a frightening cry for help, but wat isworse is that the wpd has already been briefing in staff on self harming and suicides so they are expecting this increase, i have already written to adrian, goldberg and the local press, syd vaughan


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