Longbridge Labour candidate in the 2012 council elections, Jess Phillips, is calling on women in the area to join her campaign.

Jess says: “Working in women’s refuge has shown me the effects on women who have no choices or limited opportunities and I am dedicated to fighting for all women in society to make choices about their lives, their work, their children and their environment.”

You can read about her campaign “…about women, for women, delivered by women…” on the Longbridge Labour blog.


  1. As a member/user of several local WM’s clubs in the area I shall have no hesitation to tell my pals that Labour’s candidate is interested in women only. AND I AM A LABOUR VOTER.

    I’ve been out of work for six months, what can she do for me?

  2. HI David, I want to reassure you that the women’s campaign day is indeed part of a broader campaign and the only reason this 1 day of action is focusing on women is because it is Mothers day and I thought it would be a good opportunity to cherish and try to protect the mothers and daughters of Longbridge. There are campaign days planned in the lead up to May 3rd and these will focus around other issues very close to my heart, like the one you have raised about the need for local jobs for local people.

    With regards to what I can do for you, all I can say is that I can only answer that question if you tell me what you want me to do. I do not have all of the answers and without imput from local people and groups like WM clubs, parents groups, local employers and families I cannot tell you what you need, so for this reason I would love to come out to your working mens club and talk to the people in there about their lives and what they need, and what they think Longbridge needs, would you consider this?

    I think it is important to mention as well that the Labour in Longbridge team currently has 2 male councillors one is an ex-Rover worker forced in to unemployment by the factory closure and another a local Postman. As a team we hope to represent, understand and fight hard for all the different people in Longbridge, and 50% of those people are women and therefore they deserve and need a champion too.

    I would urge you to please get in touch with me at jessworkingforlongbridge@gmail.com and perhaps you and some of your Working Mens club friends would like to tell me what you need and come out and help in the other planned campaign days around employment and industry?

  3. i read about the womens campaign , but to be honest with you im a great beliver of equality and feel it only fair that mps / government should always focus on equality .. not just listening to womens needs but that of men as well ,i mean surely we can have a society that looks at everybodys needs ? other wise are we not at risk of becoming a sexist society that champions just womens rights ? should we not focus on every person be it a couple,an individual a family etc , …

  4. I totally agree Trudie we should absolutely focus on equality and that is why I am so angry about the fact that the current governements cuts are according to almost all independent studies affecting women much more negatively. The exact thing that I am campaigning for is equality so in fact we agree.

    I would also like to say that although I give this ONE day to highlight women’s issues the entire rest of the campaign is accross the board. On Saturday I joined my Northfield colleagues to dedicate one day entirely to the NHS, funnily enough in this instance no one said that because I care about the NHS I must be discriminating against education or community safety, but if I dedicate a day to assisting women who have had their tax credits cut or who have lost their jobs as care workers accross the city then I am accused of inequality.

    To be honest I am all about equality of opportunity, employment and services so I shall on your advice continue to campaign strongly for equality.


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